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Hillary or Barack?

The Financial Times Deutschland wrote about Kreuzberg’s influence in the Democratic race for the election of the next U.S. president.

According to FTD, there are about 6 million Americans living abroad in total. And those 6 million may very well tip the scales in this year’s race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The foreign wing of the Democrat party was found in 1969 in and is called and currently available to Americans in more than a 100 countries. The voting process started in Berlin (Kreuzberg) and Munich already. Others follow shortly in Germany. People of DA will also be able to vote in Stuttgart, Göttingen, Frankfurt, Heidelberg und Kaiserlautern. Eligible is every member of the Democratic party who is of legal age. And if you are not a member yet, you may join on the spot.

According to William Downey – one of the people quoted in the article, and one of the founders of DA in Berlin – most Americans in Kreuzberg will vote for Barack Obama.

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Power failure?!

After my heating stopped working Sunday, and I had some issues to fetch someone to fix it, I just experienced a power failure, sponsored by Vattenfall. Vattenfall is the “local” supplier.

So all in all the rest of my house, the street and one next to it – all without electricity. And it lasted from around 2:50 PM to 3:30 PM until they fixed it. Which is pretty fast since they estimated about two hours when I asked.

I don’t remember the last power failure I experienced in Berlin – but there must have been at least one or so in the last six years. Though I think I slept right through it.

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Wer ick bin

“Wer ick bin” – anhören bei MySpace, Icke & Er (letzter Track im Player). Gibt’s auch als Download wenn man bei M*space angemeldet ist.

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GOOD MORNING, originally uploaded by illtillwillkillbill.

Streetart around Tacheles


Caught this one the other day week when I had a lunchmeet in Mitte and some time on my hands. More from this day, on Flickr.

58th Berlinale


Woohoo! It’s that time of the year again! From the 7th-17th of February (2008), Berlin will host the 58th Berlina movie festival. Check out the schedule and have yourself some movies. I know I am gonna try to see some this year for sure!

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Entering the environmental zone!

Umweltzone / environmental zone

Effectively from today you will need your shiney Umweltplakette when you drive your car in the inner Berlin-city (inside the S-Train circle). If you failed to get your’s be prepared for a 40 EUR fine in addition to scoring one point in Flensburg. I picked up mine today at Jüterboger Straße in Kreuzberg. It took ten minutes (literally) and cost five Euros.

On a side note, I’m curious as of what other fines and regulation will be adopted in time. It seems like this is suitable topic to milk people for. After all, we are all for the environment.

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