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Milarepa – Tibet’s great yogi


28th, 29th, 30th March, 2008 at Mensa of TU Berlin on Hardenbergstraße 34.

28th March – 8 PM, public lecture with Ole Nydahl
29th March – 10 AM – noon, lecture with travelling teachers
29th March – 2 PM – 5 PM, lecture with Ole Nydahl
29th March – 7 PM – 11 PM, lecture with Ole Nydahl
30th March – 11 AM – 2 PM, q&a

More info:

Impressions of a strike

No subways, trams and buses are running in Berlin:
"bvg+streik" @ Flickr


More Berlin slogans

Berlin Bewegt
Many people were not convinced with “Be Berlin”, some even started a counter-movement (including nifty little poll). Head on over to Berlin Bewegt (“Berlin moves”) and cast your vote.

Be Berlin! – Sei Berlin!

Be Berlin!

A pretty nice campaign, let’s see what they make of it.

Check out the movie:

Graffiti Wall


Beautiful day


Also featuring a bit of Winter. (last week)


BZ ran an article today where one guy knifed another guy because the other asked him to not bother his girlfriend. Which brings up the question, WHAT THE FUCK?

It happened right outside Universal at Oberbaumbrücke, which is not the worst area at any given time of the day. The poor guy who was attacked is in ICU at the moment and doctors say he might still die from it.

Generally, I’m a huge advocate of  courage and I try to get involved whenever I see crap happening and I never experienced anything like that in return in almost eight years of Berlin. I bet we all agree that the most we would expect from such a situation is an oral/verbal argument but stabbing someone is so totally out of line that I am inclined (displacement) to not believe it happened, especially because it’s so close.

Of course I am somewhat shortsighted. After all I live in Berlin and I am surrounded by all this and it probably happens more than I am aware of it. And sometimes it takes those super drastic events to take notice. But I wonder what’s next – shooting over organic food and parking spots?

Mat @ An einem Sonntag im August

Mat, a friend of mine, is playing at An einem Sonntag im August tonight. Be there, or be square. ;-)

An einem Sonntag im August
Kastanienallee 103
10435 Berlin
(not too far away from U2, Eberswalderstraße)

Edit: I’m terribly sorry, I misspelled the name.

Electro Bunker Berlin

7th March, from 11 PM (experience tells me that it’s prolly gonna start a tad later) at – until 7 AM.

An evening with scene allstars. Artists include feat. , , , , , Bleed (), and Who:be.

Two floors with all styles – electro, techno, techhous, acid and techdub!

maria floor:

  • 23.00 – 00.30 twin peetz
  • 00.30 – 02.30 tanith
  • 02.30 – 03.30 air liquide feat (bad) bad tom
  • 04.00 – ende adam weishaupt

josef floor:

  • 24.00 – 02.00 strobocop
  • 02.00 – 04.00 bleed
  • 04.00 – ende who:be

On strike

Better not leave the Kiez on Wednesday. Effectively from 3 AM no trains will work and the BVG people are on strike.

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