Umweltplakette – the stats

Today I called the office of the city of Berlin and after being re-routed from office (PR > Umweltamt > PR > Verwaltung für Inneres > Ortnungsamt Neukölln > Bürgertelefon der Polizei (4664-4664) > PR der Polizei) to office for a while, I got ahold of someone who gave me a few numbers on the overall usage of the Umweltplakette (“environmental sticker”) in Berlin.

In case some of you don’t know/remember – starting from 01/01/2008 you need a sticker for your car to drive inside the S-Bahn ring. There are four different kind – one, two, three and to the four (!). All designated your “level of access” to the designated zone. Currently only 2 (red), 3 (yellow) and 4 (green) are allowed in the inner circle and there are some set dates such as 01/01/2010 from which on only 4 will be allowed in the city. So this is how it works.

Now the stats…

description totals
# of cars registered in Berlin 1.2 million
# of cars without a sticker (02/01/2008 – 04/08/2008) 10,873
“parked” (of the previous) ~600
fine 40 EUR
total fined 434,920 EUR

In addition to the fine, you also score 1 point at the register for traffic offenders in Flensburg.

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