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I just dropped of some friends at Hauptbahnhof and noticed that Berlin is pretty much dead during the Euro 2008 football games – except for those places who own a TV, of any size. And that’s what public viewing is all about.

To native English speakers the name itself, “public viewing”, may sound strange. In short, it’s about watching events in public places. Most of those places have giant flat screens, but not all of them. Berlin itself offers lots of opportunities to go outside and watch a game. Plenty of bars, in the parks, restaurants and so on.

Interesting also that football is not just a guys thing anymore. Lots of girls on the streets wearing shirts and flags. So this is not gonna be so boring after all. Woo. ;-)

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  1. fabri on June 12th, 2008 @ 9:16 pm

    You are right… I’m from Luxembourg and it was unexpected for me to see how many TV’s and Big Screens have been set up in the whole city. But I found an Internetsite where the best Public Viewings of the city are listed.
    I hope you enjoy the Euro 2008 and wish you a good time in Berlin!!!

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