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Schwarz zu Blau

Guten Morgen Berlin, Du kannst so haesslich sein, so dreckig, so grau
Du kannst so schoen schrecklich sein, Deine Naechte fressen mich auf
Es wird fuer mich wohl das beste sein, ich geh nach Hause und schlaf mich aus
Und waehrend ich durch die Strassen laufe, wird langsam schwarz zu blau
Ich bin kaputt und reib mir aus, meinen Augen, Deinen Staub
Du bist nicht schoen, und das weisst Du auch – Dein Panorama versaut
Du siehst nicht mal schoen von weitem aus, doch die Sonne geht gerade auf
Und ich weiss ob ich will oder nicht, dass ich Dich zum Atmen brauch’

Die neue Berlin-Hymne von Peter Fox? Auf jeden Fall ein schickes Album.

Tick, tick, tick!


Aside from a few bits of sunshine every now and then, the weather in Berlin has been rather grey and cold the last two weeks. Season it with a bit of rain every now and then and you know what we are up to over here.

And this is why I embrace and appreciate color and art of all forms even more right now, then I sometimes do over the rest of the year. And though I cannot complain about the weather this summer in the States, I must admit that art on the street is probably the number one thing I missed (Aside from friends, of course!) when I was away from Berlin.

Arbeit, Geld, Erfolg


Loft oder Liebe


No sleep all weekend?

The other day I noticed that in almost three months it hasn’t gotten any better around Ostkreuz. In fact, I think it’s gotten only worse. There are more constructions, more blocked roads, it’s louder and I it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s over any time soon.

Now, it sounds like people living around the Ostkreuz construction site get super lucky the following weekend. I got a nice flyer yesterday, which told me that there is gonna be all day and all night construction work. They probably would not announce that if it wouldn’t mean “loud”.

Some people living here, were lucky to score a Ersatzschlafraum (which is probably a hotel), for the rest – it’s over on Sunday by 6 AM. Until then, go out and party. Or something. Can’t? Sucks to be you!


O2 Arena

While I believe Berlin has too many arenas already, we got another one. Some time this summer the O2 Arena was opened and I drove by the other night and took two pretty horrible shots of the fireworks they started down there. No idea why, and I honestly didn’t bother to research it. So here they are – my two horrible pictures shot with my phone’s camera.



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