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CCC: Nothing to Hide

The Chaos Communications Congress starts up just after Christmas. Although it’s nominally a computer security conference, many of the talks range more broadly into politics, art and society. It brings to Berlin hundreds of geeks, generally smart, idealistic and anti-authoritarian, and brimming with innovative projects.

Talks that caught my eye:

  • Hacker Spaces: “places for people, tools, and Club-Mate”. Berlin already has an impressive assortment of communal work-spaces, play-spaces and living-spaces. There’s always room for more ideas, though, and for inspiration from the dozens of ‘hacker spaces’ in other cities
  • Wikileaks is one of the most stunningly successful projects around – in the last year, the whistleblowers’ website has, among other things, “publicly revealed more sensitive military documents than the entire world’s press combined”. They’re doing an incredible job of breaking open government secrecy, and I’d love to hear more about how they’ve pulled it off
  • Of the purely technical talks, Dan Kaminsky’s is likely to be one of the most interesting. Dan has built up quite a reputation for finding security holes in the infrastructure of the internet. He’ll be talking about the major vulnerability in the DNS system, which he found earlier in the year

If the €80 price-tag is too much, at least pop into the after-parties at C-Base, the nerd refuge built in the wreckage of a ‘crashed space-station’ by Jannowitzbrücke.


Für Freunde des schlechten Geschmacks:

Da ist ein Haus in Neuruppin …

Auf die Website, rein (Wie bei Radio1 — nur fuer Erwachsene. ;-)) – auf’s Haus klicken, und anhoeren.


An exhibition, 5th – 19th December 2008 @ Xenado Galerie, opening this Friday at 6 PM.

Artists: Claudia Rey & Dr Walker

Xenado Galerie
Chorinerstraße 79
10119 Berlin

Developers, developers, developers!

If you didn’t think about working the following weekend (6th – 7th December, 2008) — well here is your chance to hack away anyway!

We hereby invite you to the first DevHouseBerlin!

The idea is to hack and work away on whatever it is you’re working on and to show people what it is that you’re doing and why it’s so super awesome. It’s not required to be a geek to come, but a strong affinity for computers and software should be helpful when you spend the weekend in an office with a bunch of crazy people.

The location is Boxhagener Strasse 119, Berlin-Friedrichshain. Right around the corner from Frankfurter Tor/Warschauer Strasse. More information on our Wiki!


Greenpeace (Germany) labels Vattenfall to be the most environmental unfriendly producer of energy in all Germany. Greenpeace’s study claims that Vattenfall issues 890g (gramm) CO2 per KWh (kilowatt-hour).

Greenpeace says that Vattenfall’s East German brown coal power plants are alone responsible for a total of 53.8 million tons of CO2 per year. And because Vattenfall is improving its infrastructure in Boxberg, Hamburg-Moorburg and Berlin-Klingenberg, it will add to those 53.8 another 18 million tons (of CO2) per year in the future.

Now take a deep, deep breath — and then head over to (upper right, in German, “Schwarzbuch Vattenfall”) for the study.


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