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We want you!

Effectively now we are seeking more writers. How many? Not to be disclosed! If you feel you got what it takes (attitude about your city, commitment to (around :-)) three (3) posts a week), please get in touch with us here or comment.
You can start off by registering and letting me know what your “username” is when you email in, it also doesn’t hurt if you already blog or at least supply a couple samples of your style.

We offer a killer blog, blogging in any language (e.g. German, English, Turkish, …), fun people, drinks/coffee on me (every now and then) and global exposure! Metroblogging is read in the Americas, Europe and Asia. So you’ll have your say really on a global scale.

Sean Bonner about Metroblogging

Nicole Simons interviewed Sean Bonner who’s one of the people behind the Metroblogging Network. This interview is part of a series of pre-conference (re:publica) interviews. So check it out:

Haven’t decided yet if I go, or not. Probably won’t have too much time and only check out a few sessions. I am still looking forward to picking up some stickers at the site (you know who you are). :-)


Look at this! Look at this! We have this kick-ass brand new design, powered by an even more awesome backend. Thanks to Jason, Sean, Mack and Richard who worked weeks and weeks to push it out of the door. Feel free to look around, and let us know if shit goes down, so we can send an army of monkeys fix it!

Balloons Over Berlin

Happy Birthday, San Jose!

Today is (Valentine’s Day and) Metroblogging San Jose’s first birthday! One of many more to come. So hop on over and wish them all the best. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in June of this year. Let’s hope we don’t forget. ;-)

Tonight: 7 PM @ Hans Wurst

So, some of us are meeting tonight at 7 PM at . If you feel like coming around, just go for it. We won’t bite (it’s a place)!!!


Till not in Berlin

I will not be in Berlin most of November! But don’t worry, I got a few more posts prep’d.

If you want to stalk me follow me around, catch up with me here, here and probably (most likely) also here.

I will be annoying on an almost global scale! ;-)

Here is also my super-duper everything RSS-feed.

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More Cut & Paste

I posted already a follow up to my cut & paste experience – last night I decided to create a Flickr group and invited people from L.A., NYC, Chicago, Portland, London and so on to share pictures from around the world, and some of them came.

Check it out yourself:

If you got pictures from Cut & Paste in your city (any year), please join up.

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35W bridge collapse

35W reports on the collapse of the bride last night.
Check the links below to see what’s going on.

MBI: Suicide blast

Metroblogging Islamabad (Pakistan) reports on a bomb blast killing 10+ people and injuring close to 50 (#2). Apparently the bomb was targetted on a lawyer’s convention at Ali Medical Center in F-8.

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