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Da ist ein Haus in Neuruppin …

Auf die Website, rein (Wie bei Radio1 — nur fuer Erwachsene. ;-)) – auf’s Haus klicken, und anhoeren.


I discovered some new music for myself tonight – the radio had it playing somewhere. :-)

The band is called Jazzanova (from Berlin, of course) with a song called “So far from home” (ft. Phonte). Been listening to all the samples on iTunes and Myspace and so far it’s pretty cool, easy going, Jazz-Soul-Freestyle, great lyrics. So good I had to google the lyrics from the radio for half an hour before I figured out the band name and the album.

If you want to peak, check out the review on okayplayer, they also have a little mp3 player which has the very same song in it which I heard tonight. More music is on Jazzanova’s myspace.

Distant suburbs

Cities leave footprints far larger than their physical borders; there’s usually a whole hinterland dedicated to feeding the city, housing its commuting workers, resentfully dreaming of the place. Sometimes it seems to cover an entire country: London and Paris have near-total dominance over the cultures and economies of England and France. But Berlin? No – Berlin is too young and small and poor, Germany is too decentralized, the Wall messed things up too long.

Then along comes Tobias Rapp, to point out that sprawl isn’t always that simple

Berlin’s suburbs are no longer in Brandenburg, but in Europe – in Venice, Barcelona or Leeds. Tourists have become the fourth pillar of our nightlive, alongide the Ossis, the gays and the Mittis. They’re also scarily well-informed: if a new illegal club opens up, the next month it’ll have a write-up in one of the in-flight magazines” [from the current Zitty, not online]

I’d say the clubs themselves, more than Ryanair, are responsible for this. Tresor, Berghain and Watergate all run their own record labels; globetrotting DJs boost Berlin’s reputations wherever they stop off. But Rapp is (as usual) spot-on with the rest; it’s the neverending airlift of clubbers, the backpackers, and Erasmus students that keeps Berlin’s nightlife afloat. Better to have commuters playing here and workng elsewhere than the opposite, right?

Rapp calls these visitors the Easyjetset, and is finishing up a book about them and Berlin’s clubs. I can’t wait to read it; almost everything he writes has something interesting to say.

Schwarz zu Blau

Guten Morgen Berlin, Du kannst so haesslich sein, so dreckig, so grau
Du kannst so schoen schrecklich sein, Deine Naechte fressen mich auf
Es wird fuer mich wohl das beste sein, ich geh nach Hause und schlaf mich aus
Und waehrend ich durch die Strassen laufe, wird langsam schwarz zu blau
Ich bin kaputt und reib mir aus, meinen Augen, Deinen Staub
Du bist nicht schoen, und das weisst Du auch – Dein Panorama versaut
Du siehst nicht mal schoen von weitem aus, doch die Sonne geht gerade auf
Und ich weiss ob ich will oder nicht, dass ich Dich zum Atmen brauch’

Die neue Berlin-Hymne von Peter Fox? Auf jeden Fall ein schickes Album.

Die ich lieb


Yeah. I miss Berlin. :)

Sunshine! Villalobos! Weekend!

Weekend Roof - M-nus party
If you don’ know what to do today, I suggest you take it minimal and head to the Weekend Roof right now. One of the greatest DJs ever, Ricardo Villalobos, is playing there right now and goes on until nine in the evening. I am not sure how much the entrance fee is, but since the terace is one of the Berlin’s finest and it’s +28c out there, I think it’s worth it in any case. See you there, Berlin!
(The photo above is from Koelk_H stream in Flickr).

Birthday Party at Mädcheninternat on Friday, 23.5.2008


I’m not sure if I’m going but it sure seems tempting: Birthday Party crew is taking over Mädcheninternat (which by the way was listed on the top party places in Tip restaurant special). DJ Donna Summer’s mixtape at XLR8R was really great and as it’s a night with free entry i’d call it a bargain! Maybe I have to reschedule my weekend for this event because last B’day I attended in West Germany was very funny and the lineup included some of my favourites, Les Gillettes and Transformer Di Roboter. Too much to do, so little time – and money :(

Other than that pizza has been in my mind. So I will be heading to Duo Forni to grab some horsey food for my belly. Enjoy the weekend, you all you!

Air Liquide @ Tresor

Tonight, be there, or be square. Doors open at 1:00 AM.

– Benno Blome (Sender Rec. / Berlin)
– Pan/tone aka Sid LeRock (Sender Rec. / Köln, Toronto)
– Mutlu (Sender Rec. / Berlin)
– Air Liquide (Multicolour Rec. / Kreta, Berlin) Live PA
– Housemeister (All You Can Beat / Berlin)
– Stevie D. (Berlin)

Coming up in July: Dubstep in Berghain


Berghain will become a dubstep heaven for one Friday, 11th of July. I’m already very excited because this is one of my favorite spots here in Berlin. It has got just about every feature I like in clubs: it is located in a nice industrial building, there’s great crowd and spectacular sound system by Funktion One. Last Saturday over there was great but I guess this will be a night from another planet. Mala of the Digital Mystikz fame (+ Shackleton, Appleblim, Distance and Scuba) will definitely go deep here. One thing is not for sure: how many of the dubstep heads will get in because of the now-and-then-selective door policy? I think it won’t be a problem but I think it’s better to be there on time when these dudes play.

I’m still not the biggest fan of the Berlin nightlife rhythm which requires me to stay up until the sun is already high up on the sky. But there’s so many good nights to go out that I’ve learned to take that disco nap in the early evening to get energized. But to say it clearly at least once: this night is going to be great.

Image above from the Flickr of Sebu-Chan, licenced under Creative Commons.

Techno Viking


An oldie but goldie from 2000. The area around Rosenthaler Strasse (which is the street he is dancing on) looks pretty different nowadays.

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