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Some Questions regarding your Walkscore

Hey Till I really don’t want to be pernickety but did you have a closer look at your walkscore?

Grocery Stores:
Mercure Hotel
Best Western Euro Hotel
Hotel Sylter Hof
O.k. Maybe they’ ve got Grocery stores at those Hotels. But would you buy your daily stuff there?

The restaurants seem to be o.k. but why are they doubled? Not to speak about the missing ones.

Coffee Shops:
Do you really want to tell me that you are walking from your home to Kurfürstenstr. to take a coffee? In 1.26 min? The author of this site seems to never have been in Berlin.

Hooray for Hot Dog World.

Attention please!
Translag Grossgarage

My burger beats your burger


I know, Hamburgers – despite maybe the name – are not the most famous thing about Berlin, nor Germany. But this is by far the largest burger I have ever seen.

I haven’t tried it yet, but if you’d like to get a bite/taste head over to Hackischer Markt and go for it. I forgot what the place is called, but it’s the restaurant right next to Coffee Mamas.


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Last weekend I went to a couple of openings in the Brunnenstrasse, apparently the new hip art mile of Berlin. I did not see a lot of the art due to the huge crowds in and in front of the galleries, but I managed to see quite a lot of the Pierogi Flatfiling show at artnews projects and I really liked it.
If you have time, go and check it out, it runs till June 23rd.

completely unrelated pictures from a warm summer evening:



I went to the united nations plaza last night. And now I wonder why I hadn`t gone there before. Very interesting. The seminar this week is by artist Liam Gillick.
If you interested in art and theory, you should go. The seminars take place in a drab looking building behind the Reichelt supermarket on the Platz der Vereinten Nationen. Just follow the arty looking people.



Have you ever been to Oberschöneweide?
No? Well, I hadn´t either, but this weekend I went twice. And I really liked it. Great, mostly empty industrial buidlings close to the Spree, and the fanatstic Wuhlheide park. Hipness factor zero. But relaxation factor very high.
And then there is this great coffee place right next to the Spree, I won´t tell you where it is, go and search and be surprised …


Zum 1. Mai


Krawalle von zu Hause aus! – Für alle die den 1. Mai verpasst haben und dringend das Bedürfnis haben irgendetwas nachzuholen, bekommen jetzt die Möglichkeit alles von zu Hause aus (natürlich ohne rechtliche Konsequenzen fürchten zu müssen) nachzuspielen. Extrajetzt ein Spiel zum online gestellt.


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Thursday night in Berlin

I did not make it to the huge gallery weekend opening last night.
The reason for that is that I went out on thursday.
To the Dutch embassy first, where, in good dutch tradition, we had to queue before being let in (too much security, as usual, does not make me feel very safe) , then once inside with a glass of champagne in the hand we had to queue again to get something to eat (herring, in good dutch tradition, unfortunately, not very good), and then there was Dutch cheese and french fries with mayonnaise and Dutch beer (the cause of my huge headache yesterday). The architecture of Rem Koolhaas clashed weirdly with this very traditional “Koniginnendag” (Dutch national holiday) celebration and the Dutch ambassador looked and talked like someone from a different century, no, millenium. Needless to say, we did not stay very long. The view from the Embassy is nice though.
Then, on to the new Fotoshop in the Brunnenstrasse 11: big, white three room location, and the new ambition to become something like a real gallery. therefor the new opening hours and the policy of no noise (as the place is in a normal apartment house). the no noise policy was broken immediately by the fabulous music performance from Allroh, that left me speechless.

Dutch embassy pictures:

Allroh at Fotoshop:

Piano Salon Christophori

Sometimes really good things are just around the corner.
In the Senefelderstrasse, just around the corner from where I live, there is a workshop in which pianos are restored. And, sometimes, the guy who runs the place, organizes concerts in his workshop.
I never really paid any attention to this until last Friday when my husband took me there, and then we went again last night. Ratko Delorko played in front of an audience of 30 – 40 people. It was amazing.
At the end of the concert you pay what you think is appropriate.
Check out the website for concert dates.

I leave you with a view over Berlin taken from one of the “hills” in the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg.


Berliner Frühlingsfest

Go and visit the fair at the Kurt-Schumacher-Damm for a different Berlin reality.


disgusting …

…weather. We all agree on that, i guess.
What makes it worse for me, is the ubiquitous Berlin dog shit, that somehow starts spreading all over the pavement in this weather.
Granted, dog shit never looks, nor smells too appetizing, but snow-rain makes it all worse.
I really wonder what makes people think it is okay for dog shit to lie around every tree in Berlin. Ok, better then on the pavement, but it still looks absolutely repulsive. Why not impose a general no-dog-shit policy?
I really like dogs, don´t get me wrong, but if you must have a dog in the city why not pick up its shit and throw it away somewhere where no one else can step in it ? (or see it)

let`s have a few pictures to illustrate what i mean …

no one can actually pretend liking to see this:

a camouflage attempt:


this looks MUCH better, don´t you think?


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