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Berlin Girl… #3

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Vive La Stalking?

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Everyone knows these posters around in Mitte. The artist behind calls himself “SP”, a persiflage on “Special Police”, what alludes to volunteer, unpaid, part-time civilian police units. A Few months ago, Spiegel Online published an article about him, his art and his message.

Yesterday I walked through Auguststrasse and recognized this paper:

Bild 053

So: What do you make of it?

Berlin, illuminated

Next week, Berlin will look a bit different, at least at night.

(Unter den Linden @ Festival of Lights 2005, photo by me)

Reason is the upcoming Festival of Lights, an event during which places and buildings throughout the city will be illuminated with hopefully some more ideas than putting mostly blue neon tubes everywhere (as seen last year).
Scedule is October 17th till 29th.

What Is It?

Bild 011

you see these posters everywhere around, but: what is it??

Hillbilly Babylon

As William Thirteen already mentioned there’s a great festival running at Eiszeit Kino. Tomorrow night Josh T. Pearson will be playing his music there. Along with a documentary about some strange christian sect whose members are drinking strychnine and playin’ around with rattlesnakes to find their way to god.
Which I guess sometimes happens faster than they would have expected.

Thank You T-Com

Bild 008

You might have recognized it already: the launch of the new telekom vdsl highspeed broadband network is nearly finished, as you can see it in almost every street around by the new constructed, much more bigger, grey T-Com Boxes. You can’t really say they beautify the landscape, but: along with a bigger surface comes a bigger space for – street art…


The Hills Have Eyes

start.jpg You still have time to grab your gun and moonshine, hop in the pickup and head for the hills down at Eiszeit Kino. Until Wednesday they are hosting the Hillbilly Babylon film festival. Offering hallmarks of 1970’s appalachian exploitation cinema such as Deliverance, Walking Tall and White Lightning as well as a selection of documentary films examining this uniquely american culture the festival is a rare chance to venture into that mountainous heart of darkness. Don’t let the sun set on you round these parts boy….

Wanna join our Nazi gang? You can even keep your afro!

Sounds weird? It is.

Leroy cleans up is a Berlin-produced short film that deals with Nazis and prejudices against Germans and foreigners in an unusual and humorous way.


The movie was quite successful on short film festivals and on the internet.
A full-lenght version was shot this year and will probably air on ZDF next summer.

If you’re not that familiar with the German language, there is also a version with English subtitles.

Laura Lopez Castro

Popkomm is in town, so this week in Berlin it’s all about concerts, new labels, music and artists. I went to the concert of the new label Nesola at the Columbiahalle. Nesola is the new label by Max Herre and Joy Denalane, founded this April (Nesola means “not alone” in Esperanto – that rings any bells?).

Nesola concert

@ Elections, 2006

All those ugly people. I wonder who took those photographs (I’m not talking about you Till). Those women and men remind me of the Bodysnatchers (1 | 2 | 3) some of them even look like Zombies. By the way, the much more interesting Elections, at least they’ve got one not only living but INDEPENDENT candidate, will be in Texas this Fall.


Kinky Friedman

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