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Wir zahlen nicht fuer Eure Krise!


28. Maerz, 2009
12 Uhr, Rotes Rathaus

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MYMO @ ATM Gallery

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Terroristen …


Found myself in the middle of a demo on Saturday night. Couldn’t figure out exactly what they were up and on against — I think it’s the usual anti-establishment (Spreeufer, …) and pro open spaces/speech etc. kind of thing.

Lots of people though and despite their sometimes very individual outfits they all looked pretty friendly and I would have been more afraid to get in between “Anti-Konflikt-Team” and the rest of the police in heavy gear — who looked like “Konflikt-Team”. ;-)

Always good to see people excersing their right for free speech and taking part in this thing called democracy.

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MISSING: Afonso Tiago

If you look at the map as of where he went home, this is especially disturbing since most of us have been there and followed his steps not knowing what could happen. Anyway, these people need help — please post, feel free to download the poster from their blog and put it up!

There is also a phone# to call in case you’ve seen him: +491783315244

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Freie Wahl?

Im Prinzip bin ich immer dafür die freie Wahl zu haben — wieso auch sollen Menschen zu etwas gezwungen werden was sie nicht wollen? Im Fall der Initiative “freie Wahl” bin ich dabei diesen Standpunkt zu überdenken.

Nachdem die christlichen Wurzeln meiner Familie bei mir auch nach der Konfirmation nicht fruchten wollten, habe ich mich selbst in der 8. Klasse dafür entschieden aus dem Fach Religion in das Fach Ethik zu wechseln. Eine aus Sicht eines Schülers eigentlich richtig dumme Entscheidung.

Während Religion aus “singen und absitzen” bestand, war Ethik richtige Arbeit.

Denn im Gegensatz zum Religionsunterricht war die Welt in Ethik nicht schwarz und weiss. In Ethik lernte ich eine Vielfalt kennen, die es im Religionsunterricht nicht gab. Ganz einfach weil es in Religion um den christlichen Glauben geht — je nach Landesteil geht es in die katholischen oder evangelischen Untiefen — während alle anderen ungläube Sünder sind.

Überrascht bin ich, wenn mir Günther Jauch im Radio etwas über Vielfalt vorsäuselt. Anscheinend war sein Religionsunterricht ganz anders, woran ich aber zweifele. Auch die Argumentation des Vereins “Pro Reli”, dass Menschen aus dem Glauben moralische Grundsätze ableiten wollen, überrascht.

Auf die Gefahr hin zu polemisieren frage ich mich wieso Religion in den Top 3 der Gründe für zwischenmenschliche Auseinandersetzungen weltweit zu finden ist. Obwohl so tolle moralische Grundsätze daraus abzuleiten sind.

Generell halte ich den Anspruch verschiedenster Religionen auf altägliche Weisheiten gefährlich. Denn auch wenn es vielleicht zu einfach klingt, braucht niemand irgendwelcher Götter und Bücher damit er seinen Mitmenschen keine Grausamkeiten und Leid anzutun.

Ich bin der festen Ansicht, dass in der Schule eine möglichst breite Bildung vermittelt werden sollte. Schlußendlich geht es um Inspiration, wie findet ein junger Mensch sonst heraus was er möchte denn nicht umsonst mußten wir uns alle sowohl mit Physik, Biologie und sonstigem vermeindlich unwichtigen Themen zu Schulzeiten qäulen.

Dazu gehört es auch andere (Glaubens)Richtungen kennenzulernen, und eben dieser Aspekt kommt in Religion zu kurz. Die Schule sollte nicht einengen, sondern zum Denken erziehen oder anregen und das passiert nur wenn Vielfalt gegeben ist.

Am Ende bestimmen die Eltern und das familiäre Umfeld in welche Richtung sich das Kind entwickelt. Und dadurch verengt sich das Sichtfeld im Leben früh genug! Für Christenlehre, Koranschule und sonstige Einrichtungen ist auch nach der Schule zeit.

Building a worse rat-trap

Somehow I missed this stroke of genius from last month.

One brilliant politician has proposed saving Berlin from vermin by sending the poor out to hunt them: “People who collect bottles could be paid €1 per rat”

He’s not thought this one through, has he? I don’t mean because it’s a half-baked, inhumanew market solution for a problem better handled by the state — we expect that from an FDP politician. I mean because the poor man has overlooked the inevitable rise of back-alley rat farms, hordes of vermin raised on garbage and scraps, then killed in their thousands and taken to the authorities. At €1 per head, you could make a decent living as a rat farmer.

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CCC: Nothing to Hide

The Chaos Communications Congress starts up just after Christmas. Although it’s nominally a computer security conference, many of the talks range more broadly into politics, art and society. It brings to Berlin hundreds of geeks, generally smart, idealistic and anti-authoritarian, and brimming with innovative projects.

Talks that caught my eye:

  • Hacker Spaces: “places for people, tools, and Club-Mate”. Berlin already has an impressive assortment of communal work-spaces, play-spaces and living-spaces. There’s always room for more ideas, though, and for inspiration from the dozens of ‘hacker spaces’ in other cities
  • Wikileaks is one of the most stunningly successful projects around – in the last year, the whistleblowers’ website has, among other things, “publicly revealed more sensitive military documents than the entire world’s press combined”. They’re doing an incredible job of breaking open government secrecy, and I’d love to hear more about how they’ve pulled it off
  • Of the purely technical talks, Dan Kaminsky’s is likely to be one of the most interesting. Dan has built up quite a reputation for finding security holes in the infrastructure of the internet. He’ll be talking about the major vulnerability in the DNS system, which he found earlier in the year

If the €80 price-tag is too much, at least pop into the after-parties at C-Base, the nerd refuge built in the wreckage of a ‘crashed space-station’ by Jannowitzbrücke.

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Für Freunde des schlechten Geschmacks:

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Da ist ein Haus in Neuruppin …

Auf die Website, rein (Wie bei Radio1 — nur fuer Erwachsene. ;-)) – auf’s Haus klicken, und anhoeren.

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An exhibition, 5th – 19th December 2008 @ Xenado Galerie, opening this Friday at 6 PM.

Artists: Claudia Rey & Dr Walker

Xenado Galerie
Chorinerstraße 79
10119 Berlin

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Developers, developers, developers!

If you didn’t think about working the following weekend (6th – 7th December, 2008) — well here is your chance to hack away anyway!

We hereby invite you to the first DevHouseBerlin!

The idea is to hack and work away on whatever it is you’re working on and to show people what it is that you’re doing and why it’s so super awesome. It’s not required to be a geek to come, but a strong affinity for computers and software should be helpful when you spend the weekend in an office with a bunch of crazy people.

The location is Boxhagener Strasse 119, Berlin-Friedrichshain. Right around the corner from Frankfurter Tor/Warschauer Strasse. More information on our Wiki!

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Greenpeace (Germany) labels Vattenfall to be the most environmental unfriendly producer of energy in all Germany. Greenpeace’s study claims that Vattenfall issues 890g (gramm) CO2 per KWh (kilowatt-hour).

Greenpeace says that Vattenfall’s East German brown coal power plants are alone responsible for a total of 53.8 million tons of CO2 per year. And because Vattenfall is improving its infrastructure in Boxberg, Hamburg-Moorburg and Berlin-Klingenberg, it will add to those 53.8 another 18 million tons (of CO2) per year in the future.

Now take a deep, deep breath — and then head over to (upper right, in German, “Schwarzbuch Vattenfall”) for the study.


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In pictures

English-language books on Berlin are oddly rare, for reasons I don’t entirely understand. Trying to hunt one down on Amazon, I ran into Jason Lutes’ Berlin, a portrait of ’20s Berlin as a graphic novel. I’m pretty enthusiastic about comics; 90% are crap, but the few great successes make up for them. And, if this review is anything to go by, Berlin is one of the good ones:

tracing the arcs of several overlapping narratives; playing with time; a fiction based around real events; in particular, mapping the sense of bewilderment, loss, chaos, creativity, and uncertainty in Berlin at that point – a city on the edge. Lutes plays out the chance encounters in bustling city life with real grace, ultimately to heartbreaking effect.

Has anybody read the thing? Is it as good as all that?

Something for the ears

This week, the BBC have been playing daily extracts from (mostly English) fiction about Berlin. It’s all available to listen online for the next few days. The pieces are:

  • Berlin Diary (Winter 1932-33) by Christopher Isherwood
  • Camera Obscura by Judith Hermann
  • Funeral in Berlin by Len Deighton
  • The Wall by Anna Funder
  • The Mural At Frau Krauser’s by James Hopkin
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