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No sleep all weekend?

The other day I noticed that in almost three months it hasn’t gotten any better around Ostkreuz. In fact, I think it’s gotten only worse. There are more constructions, more blocked roads, it’s louder and I it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s over any time soon.

Now, it sounds like people living around the Ostkreuz construction site get super lucky the following weekend. I got a nice flyer yesterday, which told me that there is gonna be all day and all night construction work. They probably would not announce that if it wouldn’t mean “loud”.

Some people living here, were lucky to score a Ersatzschlafraum (which is probably a hotel), for the rest – it’s over on Sunday by 6 AM. Until then, go out and party. Or something. Can’t? Sucks to be you!


O2 Arena

While I believe Berlin has too many arenas already, we got another one. Some time this summer the O2 Arena was opened and I drove by the other night and took two pretty horrible shots of the fireworks they started down there. No idea why, and I honestly didn’t bother to research it. So here they are – my two horrible pictures shot with my phone’s camera.



Urban Affairs

If you’re in the city in August or early September, make sure to check out Urban Affairs.

+++ ATM likes to invite you to URBAN AFFAIRS – probably the biggest streetart groupshows this year in Germany with about 45 different artists from all over the world! ATM is proud to be a partner of this event and likes to show you new works of participating ATM Artists BIMER, EMESS and BONK!

URBAN AFFAIRS , Brauerei Friedrichshöhe, Landsberger Alle 54, Berlin-Friedrichshain 05.07.08 – 05.09.08, Di-Do 14:00-20:00, Fr-So 15:00-23:00, +++

Die ich lieb


Yeah. I miss Berlin. :)

Public viewing

I just dropped of some friends at Hauptbahnhof and noticed that Berlin is pretty much dead during the Euro 2008 football games – except for those places who own a TV, of any size. And that’s what public viewing is all about.

To native English speakers the name itself, “public viewing”, may sound strange. In short, it’s about watching events in public places. Most of those places have giant flat screens, but not all of them. Berlin itself offers lots of opportunities to go outside and watch a game. Plenty of bars, in the parks, restaurants and so on.

Interesting also that football is not just a guys thing anymore. Lots of girls on the streets wearing shirts and flags. So this is not gonna be so boring after all. Woo. ;-)


Currently, the Linuxtag is in Berlin (near Funkturm, Deutschland Hallen, right next to it). We managed to go yesterday for a bit, went around the booths for a bit and then tried to go for one of the free lectures.

Trying to find the lecture turned out to be a bit of a hassle. The people at the site didn’t know where anything is at and the signs were screwed up (“running in a circle”). Finally found it, but then sitting there and looking at a tiny projector screen without wifi made it seem like the economy version of the lectures. Let’s hope that the people who paid 600 EUR per day had more fun. (Note: sarcasm)

Linuxtag runs until Saturday, check this link for tomorrow’s schedule:

Pure Evil @ ATM

Pure Evil

München goes Berlin

Marienplatz jetzt in Berlin

Es war mir schon immer klar, dass (auch) alle Münchner, am liebsten in Berlin wohnen.


Dlux & Vexta


Not too far away from Watergate and 103. ;-) More shots in this set. I got inspired through jUST’s Flickr stream.

iPhoner leben gefährlich

Der Berliner Kurier titelte, “Tatmotiv Kult-Telefon – Handy-Räuber stachen Designer nieder”. Oha!


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