security by obscurity

Since the latest attacks in London, there’s been another heated discussion about the pros and cons of increased security (read: less civil rights and less privacy) in Germany, and especially in Berlin. While of course I can’t say that I would like attacks to happen here (or anywhere else per se), I am also not an avid supporter of big-brotherness for the sake and security of everybody.

The local transport authorities raised the warning level to yellow, which is one of 4 levels there are. Gets me curious how much this will help to prevent anything from happening in our city. For example, I think you couldn’t take a leak in London without being caught on camera and since you can’t have your eyes everywhere, this leads to increased public paranoia, which some people like to call awareness.

I’ve been trying to read the news more carefully lately and there’s already a lot of articles published about integration (which Berlin is a prime example for (note: sarcasm)), Islam and fundamentalism. Some of the authors raised the question if we were on the brink of a new war.

To quote the donkey (Shrek 2): Are we there yet?

By the way, with 3,426,000 (registered) people living in Berlin, according to Otto Schily (minister for the department of interior), the estimated number of people who are members of a so called fundamentalist group in Berlin is 5,700. That’s what you can call (explosive) potential.

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