Directions 101

Something I noticed once more tonight. When you go somewhere, people give you all kind of weird pointers about their whereabouts. Berlin is a big city indeed, and they always expect you to know everything about where they live. For example, I rarely ever go to . So I got no clue. I’d be totally lost in too. ;)

Unfall I got invited to some BBQ “Goodbye-we-are-leaving-Berlin” session at Volkspark Friedrichshain (The link is in German, but check out the pictures anyway.), and let me tell you, the park is very nice, but fucking huge.

So anyway, the people start to give me all kinds of very precise directions on how to find them. They use all kind of weird street names which I have never heard before. “If you are at Hufelandstrasse, just go in the park, we are right there. Somewhere.”, now what the fuck do I know about Hufelandstrasse?

Anyway, found them. Enjoyed myself, got fucking wet too. Summer in is a bit weird. If you haven’t noticed yet.

Now that I mentioned the “Goodbye-we-are-leaving-Berlin” thing. What’s even more weird than the entire direction madness. I have never been to one of these before. Usually friends always move here. They never move away.

Well tonight, this is kind of special. Anicka and Mariusz (now take a wild guess how to pronounce that :D) move to G

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