Visiting the Bundespräsident

Bundeskoehler Germany’s Horst Köhler invited the public this Sunday to visit the renovated .

Situated right around corner from the German und where I Chancelorette Angela Merkel lives, Bellevue is a castle inside the city of Berlin and residency to the German President when he is in Berlin.

Now in case you are wondering – president and chancellor. That’s not to be confused with the way it’s kept in the U.S., for example. Unlike in the past (for example under ), the president of Germany has primarily formal duties, he does have much power political power, nor does he command our armed forces.
I think, he’s meant to serve as an example to the people nowadays. But if you are ready to break up the Bundestag, he’s your guy as well. :-)

So in anyway, Bellevue was renovated (did I mention 24 Million Euro) and last Sunday was an open door. People could sneak around and see what the tax payer’s money was used for. All together around 10,000 people came to visit the Schloss. According to Berliner Zeitung, people were waiting since 5 AM in the morning to get into it, which I find very surprising. Maybe because the first 40 were greeted by Horst Köhler personally. But still.

I did not go – of course. And people who know me better, know very well not to make any appointments with me before noon on a Sunday. Almost on any given Sunday.

I just checked another blog from the hood, Hauptstadtblog. And someone was actually there. Even looks like a lot them made it there. Big respect to them.

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  1. ted (unregistered) on January 10th, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

    if you wonder what hörst kohler is doing all day long, check this (in german):

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