Bad club week

Went to 103-Club last Thursday. dj-Culture started off in town, acts were Kevin Saunderson and Joey Beltram. Both Techno/House gods from the late 80’s/early 90’s. The music rocks, but the overall sound and location pretty much sucked. Too bad. But if you want to sneakpeak the music, click here. :-)

Last night a friend of mine celebrated her birthday at Monster Ronson’s Karoeke Bar in Kreuzberg. The “DJ” (or MJ – MP3 Jockey) had a pretty strange taste for music, and the sound was pretty bad too. If you have stereo and a box blew, it just doesn’t sound right. Something is always missing. The club itself could be pretty cool. Rather unimpressive from the outside, you enter and go downstairs. Then there’s a small floor and bar, a kicker table, flipper and of course a bunch of cabinets to sing.

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