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I don’t own a TV, which is on the hand very good because I don’t spend any time wasted with the bad german program. But on the other hand it can be really bad during the footbal Worldcup. The only way to follow the games live is a TV. So I am forced blessed to watch the games at one of the numerous public viewing places here in Berlin.
Therefore I set myself a goal by watching every game at a different place, which can be stressful when the picked out place sucks and there is only three minutes left to find a new one before the game starts.

My experience so far is the same with food. Avoid the big corporates and stick with the original places. Sushi is delivered best by japanese people. Not chinese, korean, vietnames or any other asian looking people. And Pizza and an Italy game is enjoyed best at an original italian restaurant. Did that with the Italy vs Ghana game and it was great. Good Display/beamer and great atmosphere at Casolare.

Sunday I’ve seen all 3 games. 1st one at 11 Freunde Magazine Headquarter at Lido. Met some old friends I havn’t seen for a long time and the place is great. Many experts, good cheering crowd, perfect setup and always packed.
Another great place is Cafe/Restaurant Mir next to Goerlitzer Park. They set up a huge display, which unfortunately only works when the sun is setting. They have a spare TV for the sunny afternoon games.
The same sun problem also occured at Kiki Blofeld in Kreuzberg, which has a huge Canvas and beamer up as well. I love the place at the River Spree, but the sitting situation is bad. Didn’t like the wooden palettes. Would have been way more comfy to just enjoy the grasfloor.

I also been at some of the officially sponsored corporate places. They all had no authentic football atmosphere or cheering crowds. We always left the places right away after we stepped in. Adidas’ WM lounge at stripes was deserted and very posh. Nike’s WM lounge at club 103 called Casa 103 looked like a run down place somewhere in Kasachstan with just two old TV’s from the 90’s at the outdoor area. No experts and football fans spotted here.
Same fan situation at Platoon in Mitte. Allthough they have a huge and impressive screen and comfortable seats vor viewing plaesure and a great looking pool made of cargo containers up and running, there’s no real football atmosphere here as well. Seemed like weekend club during daytime with kind of a guestlist thing at the entrance and a strict no dogs policy. Missed two goals because we had to bring back the dog to my place. But the beach bar afterwards was great and I was really impressed by the whole setup.

After all the best place to view the whole thing is at my best friend’s place with the usual experts and a cold beer. I will try some more places the next days. I got cards for the adidas arena in front of Reichstag and I want to go to Waldbuehne. That’s it so far. Stay tuned enjoy the games today and tell me your favorite place pls.

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  1. suzanne (unregistered) on June 14th, 2006 @ 8:10 am

    What a neat idea, seeing each game at a different place!
    Keep us informed how it works out!

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