The struggle to save an East German landmark

Germany: Heart of Berlin – The struggle to save an East German landmark

New video documentary from American site Frontline/World about Palast der Republik, includes amazing footage from Bundestag debate.”

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  1. Dominic (unregistered) on June 22nd, 2006 @ 12:37 am

    These arguments simply sound totally ironic and cynical:

    Tearing down the architecture for reasons of their uglyness and in an attempt of beautifying Berlin to attract tourists that will bring money, although it will leave an empty space in the so important heart of Berlin for who-knows-how-long and noone knows who’s going to pay for it.

    Blaming the former East German Government for blasting away the past and not being able to deal with it themselves, not even noticing when they’re about to do the same.

    Calling Göthe and Bethofen the past that people should be proud of — which were people that a Schloß can’t represent just as a Palast doesn’t represent the people of former Germany (who were not all evil just because their government was), only their governments.
    If you consider the Palast a monument for an undemocratic government, we’d probably have to tear down most of the architecture from times before the Bundesrepublik or Weimarer Republik, in Berlin and other cities, including the Schloß, of course.

    The worst thing is the pure dishonesty of the poeple that simply want to tear it down for ideological reasons and hate against an enemy that’s gone.
    Not for the tourists, not for beautifying, not for remembering of the past.

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