Taj Mahal at Quasimodo

Yesterday Blues legend Taj Mahal played at Quasimodo.
The place was packed and sweaty. With some (lots of) fantasy you could imagine being in Louisiana.
I really liked the concert until these middle aged teachers started to clap along.
I really hate that.
Taj Mahal gave the crowd some sing-along-crap which I didn’t like either. So the last two or three songs left some bitter taste while we left the place with mixed feelings. BVG had stopped all their services at one o’clock.
– a little digression now: what kind of a capital is this? Neither subway nor S-Bahn at one o’clock, Sunday night? I want them to run, at least, 25 hours a day. And why aren’t the shops open 24/7 ? –
Waiting for about half an hour for a night bus didn’t seem appropriate so we took a cab. The 53 year old cab driver compensated us for all the hassle with incredible stories of his real job – emergency photographer for Bildzeitung – and some details about viagra and his sexual relation to the eighteen year old daughter of his ex-wife.
I hope for him she (the ex-wife) doesn’t read this as she doesn’t know anything about it and would be really angry if she did. And she seems to be a quite unpredictable person as he told us.
I don’t believe a word of it anyway, but cabdrivers like this one restitute my faith in mankind.
Thanks a lot for these 20 minutes.

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  1. metecem (unregistered) on July 25th, 2006 @ 9:05 am

    I have very mixed feelings about the live music audience here in berlin…. among all clap-along people are inevitable everywhere I guess…

    BVG is …….how should I say, somewhere between terrible and great….

    I wonder though why at one o’clock nothing is available.. probably because it’s monday then (they drive from friday to sunday 24 hours as far as I know) but if it’s monday, they stop the service.

    I hate the night buses, so the cab is definitely a better choice….

    well the taxi drivers… they are the same everywhere…some relaxed some very ruthless and some crazy…. and very bored !

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