Saving Tuntenhaus in the Kastanien Alley

If you were in the Kastanien Alley last night, you might have noticed the extraordinary crowd in front of a certain house, people waiting in lines to get in. We are not talking about chique tourist clients or wannabe cools or the way too conservative part of the nation trying to interact here ladies and gentleman;

we are talking about one of the most impressing living house projects in the history of Berlin.


The story starts in 1981 when 5 merry people manage to get up in the dead of the morning (that’s how they describe it!) and go occupy a building in the B├╝lowstrasse. The project was a political one… Apart from drawing attention to the rights of gays, lesbians, transgendered and all other alternative life styles…

Since then, the project has been a sign for the pride and the political side of alternative living.

Last night, Tuntenhaus gave a huge garden party with lots of music, a fine trashy show, hundreds of guests and a good portion of good feeling.


The reason for the party (apart from the fact that they do this every year) is that the current landowner is trying to kick the project out of the house and Tuntenhaus is once again getting ready to show its claws. the landowner is planning to restore the building in such a way that everything will look typically Prenzlauer Berg style , thus it will be almost impossible for the currently there living people to pay the rent.

On the other side, this once very strong but not dead yet Antifa and Left Wing Movement among gays, lesbians, transgendered and other alternatives is once again gaining speed, gathering power and hopefully is going to smash the landlord right in the face..

Mind you, the house is not that comfortable, there is only one bathroom and kitchen for all people living there ( no, ─▒ am not exaggerating, a friend of mine almost lived there) and the heating does not work and no work on the house will be made as the landlord simply wants these residents out of the house.

Tuntenhaus, however, stands still….. still !

While am inportant part of the Berlin history was taking its turn inside four walls under a bright and clear sky, the others were sitting around, knowing nothing about what kind of dramas are being experienced in Berlin.

The Street Car rails are being remade in the Kastaninen Alley and this makes the street, which is otherwise almost a show off gallery for all pretty fly guys, even more crowded and the situation more sad.


A part of history in Berlin might be dying, just a couple of feet away and they couldn’t care less…

Hail the corruption of souls….!!

All photographs by Milchmaedchen.

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  1. simon (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 7:42 pm

    Well you must have a soul then! You new about the party……Fuck you must be a hard core Pberg underground, anti style mutha fuka. And those folk inside that building living on the floor, stepping in the piss of the other dozen or so who pissed before them……Who gives a fuck! Go and sleep on the floor of another dirty building, theres plenty around, sounds like Pbergs a bit to flashy for your liking these days anyway. Go beg somewheere else!
    Start a new grotty neiboughood and be hardcore underground dudes bastards……die system die!!!

  2. metecem (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 10:28 pm

    well, i will not really react to this so called ironic comment apart from saying that I might possibly be living one of the most queerest lives in berlin.

    there is no need to argue…

    remember the record ?

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