Berlin Wall


Today () marks the 17th aniversary of the fall of the . So rejoice in happyness, my fellow Berliners, or are you not?

I remember sitting in the kitchen with my parents back in . We listened to the radio, and that was it when the speaker announced that the wall is opened. My parents already took me to Monday-Demos, so I was somewhat aware of the situation, and when the wall came down we went to Berlin to visit some relatives living in West-Berlin (Charlottenburg … he he).


In the wake of the German reunification I remember the news about the East German police striking back at demonstrators at those demos (e.g. in Leipzig), fear that it would happen to us, arrest, building signs, marches, shouting paroles, church services, round tables, speaking in , and all that.

So for myself, I can say I was there when it happened. I probably did not comprehend all of it, but I’m glad my parents took me along with them and gave me the opportunity to be around when history was made.

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