Wrong way

Taking the subway on my way home can be a drag. Especially if it’s past 8 PM. The trains only go every 10 minutes which leads to crowded trains – maybe not as bad as early in the AM, but it’s enough to notice. Going home tonight, I was talking to a colleague from work about work, work and more work.
After a while we ended up at Hermannplatz, where we had to split since we take another subway from there. And since we continued talking on the plattform, we each managed to take the wrong subway home.

So I ended up at Rathaus Neukölln – total freakshow. Had to stay there for 10 minutes a brief moment to catch another subway in the right my direction and experienced all the exciting characters.

For example, some dude constantly walking, well almost running, up and down the plattform listening to music – loud – on his mobile. And he continued to walk up and down inside the subway, once we all got on. With music of course. The funny thing was, he was not just listening to music, but he was holding the mobile like he is talking to someone – yet there was only music he could listen to.

Then you have people with dogs. Most often they are not really able to handle them well. The dog either looks so fucking aggressive that you don’t know what, or you just start pondering about the poor soul’s karma to be born into the circumstances.
And then you have characters who just look a bit weird on first sight – the type of people who start a fight on the subway over a freaking seat – you wouldn’t believe it. But it all happened tonight.

And in between you have people ignoring people, other people watching all the entertainment.

Once you get past Hermannplatz, believe it or not. The world changes. People are different, I am not sure why. When I used to live in Neukölln I never did notice that but nowadays I do.

What a day.

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  1. nickless (unregistered) on February 9th, 2007 @ 12:28 am

    …and why did we take the wrong direction? yeah, right, because of you smoking that damn cigarette. we took the other subway entrance, messed up left and right and ended up in Neukölln. Life’s a bitch…

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