Easter Sunday

Yesterday pretty much sucked for me – so far for the Easter weekend.

Whenever I have some free time, shit goes down and my days just never turn out as planned. And as far as general plans for yesterday are concerned, though I managed to get up somewhat early, had breakfast and a walk and talk (about life, suckyness, work and so on) around Görlitzer Park I wasted the rest of the day with a whole lot of nothing.

Walking around 36, I think I had never noticed so many colorful houses and all the streetartsyness before.

Of course many people know the fire department in Wiener Straße which was styled, but aside from that (which is kinda boring anyway), there are many little tags, new roof tops (by the way, check this rooftop set by CBS_fan), graffitis, stencils and so on. And unfortunately I left my camera at home once again.

What’s interesting about straying around on the weekend – Berlin likes to make this huge and vast impression on you.

Though maybe, is this the impression I get when I leave my neighborhood and go somewhere else? I don’t think.

On a Sunday or on bank holidays in general, when the streets are so calm and you go for a walk, the places seem closer and Berlin shrinks and suddenly it is not as big, bad and anonymous as one thinks when life occupies the scenery.

So for example we walked around Görlitzer Park got to the other side (Wienerstraße) and Landwehrkanal, and then you go back around the park and end up at corner Lübenner/Skalitzer Straße in no time. When streets are busy, it makes everything bigger.

Breakfast/coffee at Cafe Mir and straying around ’36 was not so bad after all. But in the end Berlin and maybe the day were too dizzy – and too damn cold -, that I forgotten about all my other plans for the Sunday and went straight to bed when I made it back home.

And boy, I am not sure how often you can say this, but it seems I really had to catch up on sleep.

So I slept a while (six or so hours), woke up – read another two chapters of “Getting things done” – which I hereby recommend as the ultimate sleeping pill -, and continued to sleep until 8 AM this morning.

And as far Easter is concerned, I don’t want to deprive you of what I got.


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