50000 Tequilas for the Brandenburg Hillbillies

Maybe some of you remember my last article about smoking in bars. Having quit smoking since I wrote it (believe it or not)(feeling molested by smokers myself now from time to time. but still I think it is bullshit to regulate such things by law) I’m a bit concerned what will happen now as drinking is one of my hobbies. Don’t get me wrong. It is definitely not everyday drinking nor is it drinkin’ until the doctor arrives. I just like to sit in my favorite bar, talk nonsense or about music and philosophy or whatever, have a couple of beers accompanied by a couple of Maker’s Marks or Jamesons. Nothing to write home about. Normal weekend pleasure for thousands of Kreuzbergers and other people all around the world. (I’ve been told even the Muslims do it if they find a place with closed curtains).

Now I’ve been asked to write about this new stupidity. Politicians thinking about prohibiting flatrate drinking.
Just because of one juvenile blockhead that drank himself to death.
What do I think about it? I really don’t know. Of course it is bullshit. What the heck. Don’t they have real problems to solve? It is just none of their business. It is everybody’s right to kill himself. In my opinion the real problem is, like Wolfgang Wendland wrote on taz.de that a lot lot of people can’t stand Germany other than drunk. Probably like a lot of other places in the world I’d like to append. As far as I’m concerned I can’t stand Berlin at weekends due to a lot of girls and guys whom I suppose to be flatrate drinkers. If you never saw one and would like to see a lot of them just try the S-Bahn any friday or saturday night in any part of Eastberlin. Face the faces of inbreeding and degeneration and meet the Brandenburg Hillbillies. (I’m not trying to offend all the Brandenburgers and I’m definitely not trying to offend any Hillbilly). The real problem is those people are probably too stupid to do something else. As everybody is born stupid it is a question of education if you gathered some sort of intelligence until you’re 16,17,25,40 or whatever. I always had the strong suspicion that Germany’s schoolsystem was not designed to educate intelligent citizens but to keep the people stupid. This policy seems to yield fruit.

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