Give in to stereotypes?

Currently not so much in Berlin, but in other parts of Germany, some politicians like to use fear, uncertainty and doubt (aka FUD) to create stereotypes and use them for their purposes, especially to gain a few votes during elections.

Berlin has always been at the epic center of this discussion, but not so much because people have great ideas on how to solve , but because we got all of it.

I try to stay out of this as much as possible and I hate to say, “Oh, my neighborhood is going down the drain” but lately it’s been weird as hell.

Around new years this place is sometimes like a war zone. And not just on New Year’s Eve, but it basically starts three days in advance. Some kids use explosives all around to either annoy or hunt people, or to make mailboxes explode and so on. It’s stuff like that which most of us did when we were young – even though we never threw it at people. But I could even look past that if I tried really hard, and if that was it.

Add those kids at the night shop around the corner (all year) who basically rob the place empty (Candy, drinks, yanno?) and then either annoy people who want to buy stuff or beat each other up. Next days, they are always best friends but sometimes it gets pretty rough.

Also count in those kids who go around stealing bikes every day. And it doesn’t helps to close the front door either, they just come in another way.

Then there are those kid that are just annoyingly stupid with what they do. For example, not even ten minutes ago two boys came climbing the wall to the backyard (they had conquered a couple other backyards before). Then they started ripping branches from the trees to throw them against windows of the house I live in? Giggling and what not until I made my appearance outside.

And I almost felt sorry, when one of them almost fell off the wall. Almost.

Of course I don’t want to join in and say, “All those bastard with Migrationshintergrund (kids that either came to Germany, or were born here and are first generation) need to leave right away!”. Since I share a little bit of Migrationshintergrund myself with them it’s really not that easy.

I am also not saying that it’s just their fault. Of course the problem is by far not as simple. If you are really interested, you have to look at the circumstances from multiple angles and tackle issues such as family, education and integration.
And this also sounds like an excuse because they could just get their act together but I guess not everybody is aware of their responsibility because it’s easier act like an idiot.

Currently I find it harder and harder to make that point when I see all those stereotypes. Especially because the news, papers, politics and especially people like to remind us of them. Worrisome is that it’s even chic to be a little narrow-minded. But we wouldn’t call it racist, would we?

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