Hillary or Barack?

The Financial Times Deutschland wrote about Kreuzberg’s influence in the Democratic race for the election of the next U.S. president.

According to FTD, there are about 6 million Americans living abroad in total. And those 6 million may very well tip the scales in this year’s race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The foreign wing of the Democrat party was found in 1969 in and is called and currently available to Americans in more than a 100 countries. The voting process started in Berlin (Kreuzberg) and Munich already. Others follow shortly in Germany. People of DA will also be able to vote in Stuttgart, Göttingen, Frankfurt, Heidelberg und Kaiserlautern. Eligible is every member of the Democratic party who is of legal age. And if you are not a member yet, you may join on the spot.

According to William Downey – one of the people quoted in the article, and one of the founders of DA in Berlin – most Americans in Kreuzberg will vote for Barack Obama.

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