Hartz4 Speiseplan

Speiseplan means menu in German, and (only in German) is collection of suggestions to reform the labour market policy in Germany.

Along with the suggestions people who are subject to Hartz4 (unemployed, etc.) only get a certain amount of money to deal with their daily life. Now I don’t know if you have heard of all that – if you are not from Germany, the chances are slim. The reforms also didn’t quite make it up to their expectations. Suggested in 2002, they aimed to reduce the unemployment by 50% within four years time, and they didn’t come close to it.

Now, according to Hartz4, Berlin’s head of the financial office Thilo Sarrazin came up with a menu for people who are subject to Hartz4 in order. Check out the prices on the goods, I wonder where Mr. Sarrazin shops. Maybe he copied those from the former ?


Frühstück, Mittag, Snack (!!!) and Abendessen are breakfast, lunch, well … snacks and dinner. Look at the prices for a Brötchen (bun) – €0.30. That’s a pretty good price. ;-). Or what it takes to make spaghetti bolognaise. € 1.03 EUR – wonder if you have to buy a truckload of ingredients to match the price or pick through dumpsters behind Kaisers to make that.

I also like the Gemüsesuppe mit Fleisch (veggetable soup with meat) example where you buy no meat, but spices (Rindfleisch-Gewürze) that make it taste like there is meat in there.

For sure you will need to get a lot of storage to keep your goods fresh. Since the plan is setup for three days (Tag 1, Tag 2, …) you will have to rotate. And in order get even close to those prices you will have to spend a lot more in the beginning to actually match that.

Picture source: welt.de
Thanks to Sensas for the tip!

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  2. till (unregistered) on February 26th, 2008 @ 4:34 pm


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