Part of Millennium Mythology by Tacheles regular Alexander Rodin

Part of 'Millennium Mythology' by Tacheles regular Alexander Rodin.

The prospect of Tacheles being demolished is somehow both inevitable and unthinkable.

Inevitable because in any battle between money and art, money wins. Unthinkable because Tacheles is a focal-point for so much, that I can’t imagine what would fill the gap if it went. Sure, the artists will find other places, the parties move on. Foreign tourists will turn up, look in confusion at a building site, and be picked off by the commercial tour operators. But all of it together, the whole unstable combination of dismal and excellent? Once that goes, it’s gone for good.

For all Tacheles’ faults – the dirt (a cleaner there once earnestly explained to me how he viewed pissing in the stairwells as a form of artistic expression), the in-fighting, the omnipresent drug-pushers – it’s the best we’ve got. I don’t know how to help Tacheles keep going: the legal battles are for insiders, mass demonstrations are more uplifting than effective. I hope somebody does, though.

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  1. till on October 27th, 2008 @ 8:49 pm

    This is sad. Mitte will be a tourist trap. Well, it already is. But it’ll be oh so more obvious once the city council managed to wash away the old Berlin to replace it with expensive condos and yet another boring Cocktail bar and whatever else people need there.

  2. ber_julia on October 28th, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

    so true.. it is really depressing to see that so many characteristic places/buildings/moods of berlin are on the edge to disappear.

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