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Berlin on a plate


NotNeutral brings you plates of several cities. Among them, Berlin. Pretty stylish, if it only wouldn’t cost 48 bucks per plate.

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Moin Moin!

Bye Bye Bockwurst?

Hungry Ostlaufers may soon be forced to walk a bit farther for their currywurst. Konnopkes Imbiß, a Berlin tradition since 1930, is facing a challenge to its continued existence a great place to chow down! Up the street another, completely different Imbiß is in trouble. Sheltered beneath the raised platform of the U2 on Schoenhauser Allee, the street eatery had been paying a monthly rent of 43 Euro, but Bruno Hahnfeldt, Konnopkes’ the owner of that other Imbiß for the past 27 years, recently received notice that the rent will be increased next year – to 1,148 Euro! Hahnfeldt notes that is more than he makes certain months and is therefore doubtful he can stay in business. Representatives of the Berliner Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) are looking for a way to help Konnopkes that other Imbiß continue feeding the huddled masses – but it might be wise to get a bite of the Bockwurst beneath the train tracks before year’s end just to be safe! Or just keep eating at Konnopkes! (thanks for the correction Andre!)

On a Tuesday night

I went out for dinner with some people from last night. We went over to some Italian place (can’t remember the name, but there is only one) at Ackerstraße. The was pretty Italian (pizza, pasta, starters and so on) and also pretty good, but alas the prices were also pretty Mitte-like.

So anyway, we had some food and drinks, and then went from there for just one beer on the way to the subway. The place was a Mexican cantina at , and of course one beer turned into a couple more and led to an exciting journey home – powered by .

Tom’s favorite Bars I

I thought I’ll start a new series here. It’s just my personal opinion and nothing else. I hope they’ll give me a free beer sooner or later. You won’t find anything outside Kreuzberg here. Today I’ll begin with my alltime favorite Club 39. Located in Manteuffelstrasse next to the Milchbar and open Thursday ’til Saturday from 23.00 to ?. You can meet the old kreuzbergian Bohemia there. Sometimes they like to be rude in their kind of humour. Especially they hate Mitte show-offs. Good music of all kind and color, Beck’s beer and a sophisticated back room. Now and then they have DJ’s as the famous Killersandale or Lehmann. Always a lovely place to finish a long night. Did I tell you that I won’t provide exact Addresses, photographs or more detailed infos? That’s the deal.

Schoeneberg on a Saturday

This morning For lunch I met some people from work and an ex-colleague with family at the (Cafe Picturebook) in (Akazienstr.). Cafe Bilderbuch is a pretty nice place to chill and take a rest on a Saturday or Sunday morning. They have this huge library of books, current papers and lekker breakfast to get the day started.

For me this place with all the books and atmosphere makes me feel like visiting my grandparents, and spending a or two day inside reading and thinking about life in general and maybe in particular…

Döner macht Schöner – if you survive!

All Germany is agog at the news that tons of rotten meat has been making its way into the kitchens and onto the grills of eateries and imbisses around the continent. Unscrupulous meat dealers in Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia have been shipping out spoiled meat – some of it up to four years old – relabeled with new sell-by dates. And here I always thought it was just the inclusion of the stray cats, dogs and occasional bulgarian that made the meat so gamey. Meanwhile Münich police have reported that a meat distributor linked to the scandal was found dead, hung in the cellar of his home. The police have classified his death as a suicide but others suspect shady connections leading to Germany’s mysterious Döner Mafia…. but don’t that stop you from enjoying the tasty if bacterially suspect hometown delight

Way to spend Saturday

You can start off the day at Cafe Mir in Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Straße. The cafe is located right outside the park (Görlitzer Park), you can take a seat outside or inside – depending on the weather. Breakfast is yummy and served until 4 PM (Yay!). They got free Wifi and the coffee is really, really good!

On a fine Saturday, you can then continue to go to the park, eventually you will (of course) pass through it and get to Wiener Straße. Then walk up to the bar Wiener Blut to watch the Saturday football games live on TV. The bar is alright. Beer is cheap, and if you watch the conference of games, the people are usually in good mood. So have a couple beers, share some interesting thoughts about football and enjoy yourself, while you can.

After the games are over, you can grab something to eat at Spätzle Express (, anyone?), right next door. Even though we all know that establishing the basis for drinking after you had the drink(s) does not work, you can still try to make up for those two beers who made you feel all strange. The bottom line, the food is made fresh and the prices are more than ok (around € 3.50-5.00).

You are now happy, well-fed and maybe still a bit drunk. Well, go home, get some sleep and watch a movie.

French breakfast


A and a . Breaky Paris-style. And it’s probably the most favorite combo when you look around in the mornings passing by the cafes in the city.

Noodles, Noodles, Noodles

actually that’s a different joint. But if you need a hot bowl of noodles on a steamy summer night, take a trip to the land of the rising sun at Makoto, a japanese noodle bar at Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 13. A wide assortment of beast, fish, fowl and vegetables as well as your choice of three different sauces guarantees your ramen will be to your liking. Wash it all down with some cold japanese beverages and check out the desert menu. And as i stumbled to the street after a meal fit for an emperor this weekend i caught a glimpse of some beautiful manga heroines….

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