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MBKL: Blogger Nat Tan arrested

Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur reports on the arrest of blogger Nathaniel Tan. Apparently he was taken into custody and is being questioned about his blog posts by the cyber crime unit of the Malaysian police.

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We are rated G

Online Dating

We are so nice. Maybe too nice? We probably need more swearwords.

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Newcomer Bands in Action

Here is the reason for my pretty longterm absence ;)

This sounds like selfpromotion but it’s gonna be a good night, full of good old rock’n roll, introducing three newcomer bands in Berlin:

– PhonEpic
– Chayenne
– Consin

So if you’re into real handmade Rock, feel free to pop down !


Here is the map to Kurt Lade Klub!

Kuala Lumpur

Metroblogging is rapidly advancing in Asia – so here comes #54 (of all city blogs) – in Malaysia – in case you didn’t know where the hell that is at. Anyhow, drop and say “Hello!”.


Spring time and Berlin is ready to rock’n roll !

Can you feel the city waking up from the evil darkness of the winter and shivering in the mildness of the coming spring?

I do.

We’re back again!

All Time Favorites

I got in several fights these days, because I mentioned that the by heart album “Exit Signs” got it on my list of my All Time Favorites. To rectify the situation: here’s an amendment:


Berlin vs. Luxembourg

no posts for a while … i was in Luxembourg for my exhibition.

While there I thought about what I miss here in Berlin and what I have in Luxembourg and vice versa.

So, here is a short, incomplete and totally random list …

What Berlin has and Luxembourg misses:

a good night life
reasonably cheap restaurant food
coffee to go
a lot of culture, art, music
artists, real ones
no curfew
laid back-ness
really good beer
the feeling of being able to do what i want without being watched
metroblogging ;-)

And things I miss here and enjoy in Luxembourg:

easy access to nature
really damn good food
people being well dressed
different languages being spoken all around
supermarkets selling everything, especially really fresh and really good food
a strange mix of tradition and hypermodernity

I have to admit that i am astonished how Luxembourg has changed in recent years, not only by getting a great new museum for contemporary art and a superb concert hall , but also by making an effort to include more culture in the society in general. But in a city where nearly everyone seems to work in the financial world, I would still not find my place.
In case you would like to know a bit more about my country, check out the new Merian , dedicated entirely to Luxembourg.

And, by the way, I am very glad to be back in Berlin! And the next post will be Berlin only, I promise!

a bit of self promotion …

supermarket …

And the Winner is…


Thank you Guardian!

Highly Recommended!

The Whitest Boy Alive – Dreams

If you don’t know it by now: you really missed something. Check out Erlend Oye’s band “The Whitest Boy Alive”, which started as an electronic dance music project in 2003 and has slowly developed into a band without any programmed elements. The new album “Dreams” is unbelievable great, check out this terrific song and official video on before you have to click here to visit their myspace homepage.

Good bye and hello!

We’ve been changing the crew behind the curtain in the last week – so let’s say “Good bye!” to Alex, Dominic and Michael.

Thanks for the contributions and good luck on the way.

New on the blog, or rather back in the game, are Anne and Julia – yep, we got girlpower here. So make sure to subscribe to our feed in order to stay on top with what the girls (and the rest of us) blogs about Berlin.


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