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To save the environment

…or something, you will need to get a sticker for your car from January on if you plan on driving within the city limits. And along with Berlin other German metros (I believe Hamburg, Munich, …) follow.

I am not sure when this was discussed and voted upon, but somehow I missed it all and actually just heard about it last week, right before Christmas.

And since I haven’t had the time yet to get one, I am relieved to read that they won’t start the fining until February next year.

Wikipedia sued over Nazi Symbolism

Reuters had a story yesterday, entitled, “Politician files Wikipedia charge over Nazi symbols“.

The story goes on that Katina Schubert ( – no link for her), a politician of the leftish Die Linke (har, har) filed charges against Wikipedia with the Berlin police because Wikipedia contained too much Nazi symbolism, especially on an entry about Hitler Youth.

I looked at both the German and the English entry and correct me if I am wrong but how do you measure “too much” in this case? Are four or five too many? Also – isn’t this a part of history which is supposed to be never forgotten? Isn’t the trade off here that you document it well – and isn’t this an encyclopedia you can help to improve?

According to Reuters Katina Schubert even got legal consultation before she filed the charges. Which puzzles me as of who she talked to – probably no one who ever heard of Wikipedia, no one who is aware of how Wikipedia works and for sure no one who is aware of the context in which Wikipedia uses those symbols.

Thanks for wasting tax Euros, Katina. And here is a cluepon for you.

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A competition entitled “The most beautiful ABC of the world” (“Das schönste ABC der Welt”) which was held in Berlin awarded the Turkish “yakamoz” the title, the most beautiful word of the world. The jury selected it from almost 2500 words.

“Yakamoz” means “the reflection of the moon in water”. The Chinese word “hu lu” (to snorr) came in second. The African word “Volongoto” (Baganda tribe), which means messy or chaotic, was voted third place. According to the jury, they selected “yakamoz” over the others because in Turkish one is able to express in a single word, what can only be expressed in other languages using multiple nouns.

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The New Moabit?


if you’re at Alex and experience that familiar feeling of urgency you ‘ll be glad to know the new high tech public toilets have finally been finished! As your anxiety drains away contemplate the cost – 750,000 Euros – a stream of gold indeed…. Wowi gave the official thumbs up after his test drive yesterday so head on down to Alex check out one of the more useful of Berlin’s tourist attractions. but yo, remember, shaking it more than twice means you’re playing with it….

[via Hauptstadtblog]
[pic Tagesspiegel]

Gegen den Wahn

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Shopping ’til midnight

Since last Monday, my Kaisers opens every day from 8 AM to midnight. Fresh cheese/meat stuff is only available from 8 AM to 8 PM, but if you can live with packed this really is an improvement and aids all people’s life styles who do not work regular hours.

And shopping paying has never been so nice either – “Thank you for your purchase, and have a nice evening!” – did you ever hear that anywhere in Berlin? I think I have not in over six years. Not even at .

Also, when you go at night, there are no drunk people standing/sleeping/sitting in front of it, yelling at each other.

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Morgen Streik!

Diesmal mit Ansage – dann viel Spaß!

35W bridge collapse

35W reports on the collapse of the bride last night.
Check the links below to see what’s going on.

Frank Zappa

I certainly did not know that Berlin has a street named after ! While this was already decided on in 2005, the street was finally renamed last Saturday and is located in Berlin . Before the street was nameless and called “street 13”.

This is the first street in Berlin to be called after a rock star, and probably the first Frank Zappa street worldwide.


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