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Open, 24 hours a day

This is so new and aids especially people who work weird hours/shifts – the first supermarket shifted its opening hours to all 24 hours of the day from last Monday. The store is a and located at Berliner Straße 24 (Wilmersdorf). I think I’ll give it a try tonight, just to see if it is really true.

Alas – it is not open seven days a week. In fact, the store will close Saturday at 11 PM and open Monday at 8 AM. Aside from that it’s open all around the clock. And for Sunday shopping, there is still Friedrichstraße and so on.

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Anscheinend spielt jemand mit in . Also nicht alles anfassen, was man so sieht. Seit Januar gab’s wohl (vorallem in U-Bahnhöfen) 40 Anschläge – in 2006 wohl 200. Wer macht denn sowas?

Looks like someone has been using around town in over 40 cases this year (2007). So don’t touch anything you see – especially on the subway. According to the news, there have been another 200 unsolved assaults in 2006.

MBI: Suicide blast

Metroblogging Islamabad (Pakistan) reports on a bomb blast killing 10+ people and injuring close to 50 (#2). Apparently the bomb was targetted on a lawyer’s convention at Ali Medical Center in F-8.

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MBKL: Blogger Nat Tan arrested

Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur reports on the arrest of blogger Nathaniel Tan. Apparently he was taken into custody and is being questioned about his blog posts by the cyber crime unit of the Malaysian police.

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You’re gonna be late

In case you have not noticed yet, and you need to take an S-Bahn later on, – all trains are cancelled since 6 AM this morning because the train drivers throughout Germany are on strike. Some of them demanding an up to 31% raise. If you need any info, free call: 08000-996633. Supposedly around 9 AM all S-Bahn (and other trains) will resume.

If you are thinking about taking the car – just don’t. ;-) Especially if you are coming from the outside of the city. Subways and buses are said to operate on schedule.

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Tom Cruise denied from filming

They had been warned and now Reuters reports that the German Defense Ministry has denied access to military bases to the company who’s producing the movie in which Tom Cruise will play the role of Colonel .

In a comment from the ministry the reasons called were dignity and appropriateness and a lack of sincere and respectful depiction of the events of the (a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler) because Tom Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology.

On the one side, I totally understand the motives here even though in my opinion von Stauffenberg is not the democratic poster boy and resistance fighter – at least not of – excuse my bluntness – the same caliber of und .

On the other side you cannot expect that the movie will not be filmed just because we have so high moral standards. So what does it matter if they shot the movie here? Could be worse I guess. And just by the way, the movie will be shot somewhere in Eastern Europe.

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Premature Congratulation

perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to say Thanks Flickr! According to this discussion it seems that, due to terms of service issues, Flickr users with Yahoo! IDs Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea are prevented from turning off the ‘Safe Search’ option in their profile, thereby limiting their searches to that which the Flickr moderators deem ‘safe’. Users are describing this as censorship and a protest is growing, demanding that Flickr restore the full search functionality to their users. More evidence of our slow march back to the dark ages, before i could get my Flickr pr0n fix! gee…thanks for nuttin’ Flickr!

Demos reloaded

Just got home, was in Mitte. We managed to get a beer and some food after work but left soon since the scenery started to fill up with anti G8 people and police everywhere. A helicopter was patrolling above Mitte all evening which did not exactly calm people down.

What started as a demo of literally 5 people grow to maybe 150 people at Hackischer Markt after an hour or two and there were way more by the time we left. Also the police soon started to reroute traffic around the entire area and blocked streets from various directions.


P1010396 P1010395

Update II:
Reuters says there were 600 people all together – and mostly peacful! :-)

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Dropping Knowledge Summercamp


Berlin based NGO Dropping Knowledge is covering the G8 summit in Heiligendamm (at the Baltic Sea). To stay up to date, visit their G8 site.

Also make sure to check out one of my most favorite motives/question/picture so far.

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pollenflug_berlin_potsdam_b.jpg Da ich seit einer Woche damit kämpfe, hier ein extrem-guter Link zum Thema Pollenflug. Urheber meiner Auszeit, sind wohl die zur Zeit “mäßig” aktiveren Birken (siehe Bild, Quelle:

Übrigens – für Kreuzberger- eine Nachtapotheke findet man am Kottbusser Damm, aber vorher lieber nochmal 11880 wählen und überprüfen ob’s auch wirklich jene ist. Aber ich war diese Woche schon 2x dort.

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