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Beautiful day


Also featuring a bit of Winter. (last week)

Chemtrails over Berlin

controlling our minds with their chemical haze!
Quick, where did i put my tinfoil hat?

Grande Latte all over the place

It seems like everything but cafes closes around here (Kreuzberg 61).

Walking home from Urbanstraße to Bergmannkiez I discovered that a dozen shops are now home to small “coffee to go”-type of places. There was even one in a former butcher shop and it still said Fleischerei outside, but there were only Machiattos inside.


You know you are old when …

… everyone waiting in line to get in is just younger than you are!

I think I’ve pretty much never stood in line for anything since I got to Berlin. Except maybe for the guest list and the cashier at the supermarket – but you know, those things don’t count. ;-) I met up with some former colleagues at White Trash last night to late-celebrate someone’s birthday and because I was late got there after 8 PM, I had to get in line with everyone who was gonna go for some concert last night, and also ended up paying 8 bucks to go to the restaurant – geesh.

And everyone else – in line – was at least four or five years younger.

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Anyone notice? People outside, coffee places are packed, there is even sun. I am thinking we made it past the winter, without greater winter snow. Spring is here, spring is here!

I hate venting about the weather because the weather is obvious and you can do little to change it (aside from this global warming thing), but I had this post sitting for about a week and a half now since this other thing, which I like to call Not-Spring, came back. Brr…

Just had to get it out.

Now continue.

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More Sonnenaufgang!

Another one which I snapped on Sunday, but a tad later.


Give in to stereotypes?

Currently not so much in Berlin, but in other parts of Germany, some politicians like to use fear, uncertainty and doubt (aka FUD) to create stereotypes and use them for their purposes, especially to gain a few votes during elections.

Berlin has always been at the epic center of this discussion, but not so much because people have great ideas on how to solve , but because we got all of it.

I try to stay out of this as much as possible and I hate to say, “Oh, my neighborhood is going down the drain” but lately it’s been weird as hell.


I kind of have to get used to the fact, that you see people smoking outside everywhere. Especially in the evening and at night it looks pretty weird when people gather and take their drink outside to light up a smoke. And every so often even the barkeeper is gone as well – smoking outside.

After all, this is still Berlin, right? I cannot yet imagine all those places to be smoke free, but I bet some people out there really cannot wait. I wonder how the French felt, when liberté toujours was taken from them and smoking was banned virtually everywhere. I mean, even babies smoke in France, right?

For me it’s intriguing to see this trend pick up so fast especially because there are still places that allow you to smoke and for right now the entire non-smoking-thing is much less restrictive. But most places do it stricter anyway, which is good – I guess.

I spent a morning at last week and the hottest topic that morning was if smoking is allowed or not allowed in there. They do have ashtrays so as a matter of fact right now it is. But of course it’s always nicer to ask the people sitting right next to you – if they mind. In the end, this topic did really connect people and got them talking without their laptop.

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Ran into this piece yesterday morning. The door was open so I had a look inside. Supposedly it is an old building by the , it’s located at Schamhorststraße and has been deserted for the past ten or 15 years.

Recently I was told that the purchased lots of ground around the area and intend to move there in the near future. There are town houses being build left and right, some pretty luxurious (can you say ‘jetty’) so I guess in the near future from being deserted, the area will be flooded with people.

Interesting fact about this building – 30 years ago, they also had intelligence services there. On my way out I ran into a guy who was looking around the house, just like I was. He told me that he did training for intelligence services about 30 years ago, but had not been to this place since then.


More pictures here!


Intercultural Gardens

I discovered Intercultural Gardens last week when I was on my way from Potsdamer Platz to Kreuzberg. Took a left from Stresemannstraße into Möckernstraße und walked by Tempodrom in direction of (essentially) Yorckstraße, and when you keep going on Möckernstraße for ten or so minutes you will notice a couple exists leading up into something like a park – which is the Intercultural Gardens.

I read the Wikipedia entry on Interculural Gardens which is basically about integration and understanding (one another), but doesn’t really go into detail about what is going on there. Unfortunately there is nothing about Berlin/Gleisdreieck at all, so if anyone has any info what is going on there, I’d be interested to hear it.

It looks like there are sometimes people living there. In the middle there were people working on sculptures and then it also did look like they sometimes have concerts there – but nothing to specific unfortunately. Also noticed a construction sign about planting/greening of the place.


This is one of my favorite shows from that afternoon, more here.

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