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Thank you for smoking?

I had to get out from home today and decided to go to St. Oberholz early in the morning to get some work done (wifi and coffee, et all). Up until 2 PM it was bearable, but now everyone seems to have woken up and decided to come also. Wifi is always getting slower, and slower, and slower…

What’s interesting – so far the most discussed topic today seems to be the smoking ban. People are always not sure if they are still allowed to smoke and from when on it will be really banned inside. This seems to be a hot topic indeed. One that gets people together because up until now (today) I think I have talked to people from at least four or five different countries. And everyone of them had an opinion. ;-)

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Good morning!


This is from yesterday. A very productive day, and I even had time to go for walks in between around Prenzlauer Berg/Bornholmer Straße/Gleimstraße.

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Tracks in the snow


I think we rarely get snow in Berlin. Most of the time it’s very cold and then wet, or somewhere in between those but without the snow. It just barely stays around, but we are good with ice though. :-) This snow melted away within a few hours later that day.

This is a picture I took on January 1st of this year (2008).
Apparently I wasn’t the first to leave the house to leave some marks in 2008.

Laser Graffiti

Thursday night, GRL Vienna was in town and here are two impressions from their gig. :)

BERLIN metro blogging

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Oh Hai Berlin!

steampowered telex

Hi Berlin! I’m Sean and I usually live in Los Angeles but I’ve been living in Vienna for the past month or so and just got into town this morning. I’ll be here though New Years, and starting tomorrow I’ll be at 24C3 as well. I’ll be posting a bit here, and if you are super interested in stalking me you can follow me on twitter or watch this flickr tag and see what I’m up to. Anything super interesting will end up here for sure though. If there’s something you think I should not miss while I’m here, please let me know! Thanks!!

the inhabitants of Berlin


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SPREEBLICK, originally uploaded by illtillwillkillbill.

I took this picture last night from the side of the river where Spreespeicher is at. Spreespeicher is a place right at the river Spree where you can rent office space. Pretty nice view, but also pricey.


T: Ich glaub’s ja nicht!
S: Wie?
T: Es ist dunkel!
S: Wie, hier drin?
T: Ne, draußen!
S: Ja, ist ist ja auch schon … halb fünf…

Ich mag Winter nicht. Macht mal wer das Licht an?!

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Against Heizpilze

Heizpilze are gas-powered heating things which look like huge mushrooms (not just when you are on them) and are now to be found in front of most cafes in Berlin. According to some survey over at , the majority of those taking part in the survey really mind the Heizpilze because they are useless and uncessary.

Now I beg to differ. Who in their pot-smoking mind voted for not necessary or useless? (Please comment, if I addressed you!) I mean, it’s getting colder outside, still sitting outside for some fresh air and a coffee can be nice, so why not have a couple of those Heizpilze to comfort you?


(The question is: Should Heizpilze be banned?, “Yes, they are unnecessary” or “No, that’s just green propaganda”)

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There’s life in the old dog yet.

Super-duper club experiment Goya (outrageously priced pay-to-party membership/equity Munich-style) is open on Saturdays for special events and parties.

Because Club Goya was closed only three months after opening, the new investors (they really are from Munich) are trying on a different party/event concept to make some cash. Parties already held include a Hugo Boss presentation of a new perfume, an internal McDonald’s management conference and even the closing party to Tom Cruise’ latest “Valkyrie”.

Read on here (in German):

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