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Tick, tick, tick!


Aside from a few bits of sunshine every now and then, the weather in Berlin has been rather grey and cold the last two weeks. Season it with a bit of rain every now and then and you know what we are up to over here.

And this is why I embrace and appreciate color and art of all forms even more right now, then I sometimes do over the rest of the year. And though I cannot complain about the weather this summer in the States, I must admit that art on the street is probably the number one thing I missed (Aside from friends, of course!) when I was away from Berlin.

Arbeit, Geld, Erfolg


On lockdown


Just in time for May 1st 2008 the streets outside in Friedrichshain (between Simon-Dach-Strasse and Ostkreuz) are so busy with people you wouldn’t know where they suddenly all come from. Especially the area around Boxi is surrounded by police and pretty heavy gear. Roadblocks in the making and helicopters patrolling impatiently above. Parts of Boxi are enlightended as if it was daytime and most, if not all the shops in the area are already closed down.

I just made my way up to the Kaisers at Warschauer Strasse and the people go shopping crazy as if it was Christmas time or new year, or some sort of natural disaster cutting them off for multiple days from the outside. My bank at the corner closed this afternoon and put extra thick plexiglass in all windows which are usually see-through, if you know what I mean. Check out the picture above, you can usually see through the door and for the next 24 hours you can’t.

I am pretty surprised that some lone shops are still open, they probably don’t know it better yet.



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